IP Phone H81/H83

The H81 IP phone come with HD voice quality and entry-level

price,Support 2 SIP accounts and full basic features,

that improves busines productivity and working efficiency,

high return of the investment.Has POE function is for option,product name is CooFone H81P



The H81 IP Phones are well designed and HD voice quality at a competitive entry-level price, that gives perfect image to your visitors and make staffs loving to use their handset CooFone-H81.Support two SIP accounts and full basic features that improves business productivity and working efficiency, high return of the investment.


The H83 IP Phones are full-featured, 2.8" color LCD IP Phones designed for the most demanding users on affordable price. Four SIP accounts supported and build-in with Max. 4 pages / 28 paperless DSS keys.

Zycoo Ultra Zero-Touch Installation

Break free from outdated phone provisioning, you actually only need less than 5 minutes to have at least 100 phones registered by using Zycoo Ultra-ZTP.

Two flexible ways to register CooFone H Series IP Phones on CooVox IP PBX:

Auto Provisioning

Connect all H series phones with CooVox in LAN In CooVox GUI , scan all H series phones Assign extension to H series phones Auto reboot and loading configuration

Quick Register Code

Create all extensions in CooVox GUI. Export Extension Number and Quick Register Code MS Excel User input with Quick Register Code on their H series phone H series phones will automatically get implemented

Zycoo Complete Solution

We have professional and experienced R&D team in China and Europe developed complete portfolios for SMB IP Phone Systems, the competitive price, rock solid quality and rich features can meet SMB’s requirements.


Name Version Size Release Date Download
CooFone-H83 Firmware V2.4.0 2.97 M 2019-01-31
CooFone-H83_User_Manual V3.0 1.92 M 2018-09-10
CooFone-H83_Datasheet V3.0 370 K 2018-09-10
CooFone-H83 Firmware V2.3.1 2.96 M 2018-09-10
CooFone-H83_User_Manual V3.0 1.92 M 2018-09-10
CooFone-H81/H81P Firmware V2.4.0 5.73 M 2018-06-20
CooFone-H81/H81P Firmware 2.3.1 2.77 M 2018-05-24
CooFone-H81&H81P_User_Manual V3.0 1.67 M 2018-05-24
CooFone-H81_Datasheet V3.0 185 K 2018-05-24
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