CooVox IP Phone System

About Login

1.What is the Zycoo default IP address for IPPBX?

The default address : (WAN) (LAN)

2.What is the Zycoo password of the IPPBX administrator?

Default username: admin

password: admin

for security reasons, we strongly recommend that you change your password

3.How do extension users log in to IPPBX web pages?

Telephone > extension > IP extension > edit extension > function >After opening the page login option, you can use the extension number and extension password for interface login.


4.How do the operator logs in to the IPPBX web page?

Maintenance > user > operator, find the operator account and password can login the interface.


5.What is the default address for the iSpeaker C20/B20 broadcast terminal?

Default address:


6.What is the default address of theH81/H83 phone?

H81 / H83 by default is to get the address via DHCP, which can be obtained by pressing OK > status on the phone. Then you can look the IP of the phone.


7. The default login username password for the Ispeaker C20/B20 broadcast terminal

Username: admin    password: admin


8. H81/H83 's default login username password

 Username: admin  password: admin


About extension


1.How to modify extension range ?

Telephone > advanced settings > PBX global settings > extension range, after modifying the scope, directly submitted.


2 . How to use the webrtc web extension?

Telephone > extension > IP extension > edit extension > function >After opening the page login option, you can use the extension number and extension password for interface login, after login you can use the webrtc extension. (google kernel browsers must be used, google browsers are recommended by default)


3.How do I register the same extension on different devices?

Telephone > extension > IP extension > edit extension > function > number of simultaneous registrations

Our device supports up to 5 terminals to register a number at the same time. When there is a call, 5 terminals will ring at the same time, any terminal will answer, the others will stop ringing.


4.How to group the extension ?

Telephone > extension > Department,  it can increase your department to carry out extension management


5.How to turn on extension recording function ?

Telephone > extension > IP extension > edit extension > function > call recording

Or turn on the relay recording, recording only the recording through the relay

Call recording > outgoing Control > Relay Line > Editing any Relay


About exterior lines


1. What exterior lines are supported by Zycoo IPPBX ?

Zycoo IP PBX is supportedVoIP SIP exterior Line ,E1 Digital Relay ,PSTN external Line ,2G / 3G / 4G / 4G Mobile phone Card ,BRI Relay

2. How to register a VOIP exterior line?

First ,look for the VoIP provider to buy the VoIP account.

Second, log on to IPPBX, enter the "call outgoing control >Voip relay", click "add", fill in the VoIP relay information, and click "submit".

Then,enter the status > connection state > relay line to see if the relay is successfully registered.


About Calls


1.Can we restrict the company's designated person from making international phone calls?

This function can be achieved by editing the outgoing routing settings. Set up an outgoing routing rule that conforms to international calls, create a new dial-up permission, select the corresponding rules, and finally modify the extension to assign this authority to the extension


2.Can we restrict some company employees from making outside calls?

Yes, create a new dial-up permission; phone > outgoing control > Dial-up permission dialplan2 .Then edit the corresponding extension, within the permissions select dialplan2 is enough.


 3. Is it possible for company employees to call outside numbers only during office hours?

Yes, select the time condition in the dialing rules. First to configure the time condition .Incoming control > time condition


4.How do I set up different relay ports to route to different destinations?

Call in control > incoming routing > Editing FXO


5.How to set call commute times to different destinations ?

First, incoming control > incoming route > time condition

Second, call in control > incoming route > edit FXO > time rule


6.How to set up multilevel operator?

First ,create a multilevel operator, then go to the first level operator, configure the keys to the next level operator


Introduction about other functions


1. What's BLF? Does Zycoo IPPBX support BLF?

BLF(Busy Lamp Field-busy lights indicate a series of lights or indicators on an IP phone, indicating the status of calls and ringing of other extensions on the same IPPBX, usually used by a secretary or operator to help transfer calls, etc.

Both the Zycoo IPPBX and the IP phone H83 support this feature by default. The IP phone only needs to configure the BLF key to work.


2.What is automatic configuration of PnP mode?

PnP(plug and playplay-plug ). Zycoo smart IPPBX phone automatic configuration mode, supports many types of phone automatic configuration mode,such as, Zycoo, Yealink , Grandstream. only need to enable PNP, then IP phone can be automatically scanned after the LAN configuration.


3.What is automatic configuration of QR mode?

Turn off the PNP (H81 / H83 only),the phone is turned on ,then enter the QR marker code directly on the screen, and the phone automatically will restart after waiting for about 15 seconds, and then sign up.

4.What is an intelligent straight line?

That is, the number calling out from the IPPBX is automatically associated with the calling number. If these numbers are re-called into our IPPBX system, the calls will be routed directly to the previously associated extension.


 5.What's number one?

 After the first pass is used, the system polls the called number in turn until the call is answered


System recovery


1.How to reset U20/U50?

1). Reset via the reset menu on the Web interface (only reset the configuration of the phone application)

2).When plugged in, press the RST button immediately until the SYS LED light is on, reset, and the whole process takes about 10 minutes (reset the system and all data is lost)


2.How to reset U60/U80/U100 ?

1).Reset via the reset menu on the Web interface

2).Connect the display to the device's HDMI port, keyboard to the USB port, and then type superr / super when prompted for user login, then reset it according to options


3.How to reset H81/H83 ?

Key OK > setup > advanced setting > password 123 > restore factory setting

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