Metro Parking (S) Pte Ltd.

  Metro Parking (S) Pte Ltd.
Metro Parking have installed Zycoo CooVox U100 and iSpeaker for the carpark Gantry intercom systems.

Metro Parking (S) Pte Ltd is the first carpark operator to be awarded the Certified On-the-Job Training Centre (COJTC) status by ITE. This marks another achievement for the company, which has already obtained the People Developer Standard earlier on.
Metro Parking have installed 2 pcs Zycoo U100 for the carpark Gantry intercom systems. In the past, need man to managed the Carpark operation which Picture below, is in the past carpark staff booth.

Due to all carpark gantry which more than 200 sites in Singapore have been island wide network for the payment and gantry operation. So, we using SIP Intercom systems. Driver just need press the intercom, will automatic call to the Operation Call Centre and after verified. The Call Centre call open the gantry via phone. The Call Centre know also will know which Carpark having problem before speak to the driver.


This have been proof reduce manpower.

Typical Application (SIP intercom & public addressing)