Olanka Travels

  Olanka Travels
CooVox helps travel agent Olanka to connect existing Siemens PABX & Cisco Call Manager in 48 countries.

Customer: Olanka Travels

Web site:  http://www.olankatravels.com/


Olanka Travels is a dedicated travel destination management company in Sri Lanka, which started off their journey from Sri Lanka in the first place, over the years have expanded their reach to several countries in the World. Olanka Travels has a branch office in Australia and its neighboring countries, a sales office in China and Japan, and partner office in Armenia.




Customer needs a PBX system connecting with existing local extensions and wanted to make calls to other 48 branch offices through the VPN link in other countries (Dubai, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, etc). Other branches had Cisco call manager.

1. Configuring their VPN link to work with CooVox IP PBX system.

2. Configuring the FXO to accept extension lines from Siemens Analog PBX system.

3. Configuring the LAN card of U50V2 as there is no place to put in a gateway, to route to a different network



1. Leverage Siemens PABX and Cisco Call Manager.

2. To overcome the LAN issue, configure a different port on PIX firewall to route all the PBX WAN (trunk) traffic to use as a gateway.

3. Installed FXO modules with CooVox U50 V2, to take in some of the local extensions to retain their old analog extensions.



Customer was very satisfied with him being able to call other branches within Sri Lanka and different countries through his existing extensions.