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CooVox Series IP Phone System

CooVox Series IP Phone System is a hybrid communicating appliance facing SMB all over the world, by which maximum of 500 users’ registration is supported. CooVox Series is modular design (except for U20), coming with features like BLF/conference bridge/call recording/virtual fax/video calls that is easy to manage and maintain.

Products: CooVox-U20 | CooVox-U50 | CooVox-U60| CooVox-U100



ZX Series IP Phone System

ZX Series IP Phone System is a communicating appliance facing SMB all over the world, based on standard SIP. It carries not only the features of traditional PABX, but also powerful features like BLF/conference bridge/call recording/video calls and so on. ZX is easy to expand.

Products: ZX20 | ZX50 | ZX60 | ZX100



CooFone Series

CooFone Series IP Phone adopts BROADCOM chip, and supports G.722 wideband voice coding. The Phone has 3-way Conference feature as default, supports PoE, and is compatible with popular softswitch systems, easy to install & use, and convenient to manage. CooFone can perfectly meet the demands of SMB, Call Centers & Industry Users.

Products: CooFone-D30 | CooFone-D60  Extension Module: CEP-26



Asterisk Appliance

Asterisk Appliance is modular design based on X86 architecture. It is flexible to configure with analog, PRI/BRI or GSM modules, totally compatible with Opensource IP PBX system such as Elastix, Trixbox, & Freebox.

Products: P2




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