Webstars deploys ZYCOO IP PBX to the branch office to decrease the cost and engineer time.

Webstars is a design-focused technical agency and digital consultancy based in Shoreditch, London, with 26 technically minded, friendly and approachable staff whose aim is to provide clients with an exceptional service focussed on their individual needs that encompasses a wide range of skills and expertise including:

•    World-class web design
•    Close attention to user experience
•    Digital strategy
•    Flagship content management and eCommerce products
•    Understanding of the commercial and practical realities of both the commercial and public sectors
•    Diverse experience and client-base: art galleries, education establishments, high street retailers, public sector, social enterprise, events & conferences, luxury travel companies and large-scale corporate sites

With offices and staff located in the UK and Romania, Webstars required a system at both sites that could function independently to meet local requirements, but could also operate as a single PBX for the company and allow interoffice communications to take place over the internet at no cost. ZYCOO IPPBX systems was chosen as it proved a cost effective and flexible solution that can scale as the organisation grows and in particular:
•    Significantly reduced power consumption compared to the existing Unix Server based solution
•    No licensing costs so only an upfront investment required for hardware
•    Silent in operation so perfect for a busy office environment
•    Cost effective enough to purchase a second unit as a spare for disaster recovery purposes
•    Simple and pain free to set up

ZYCOO IPPBX was initially deployed to the London office in 2012 to provide switchboard functionality and was connected to Webstars existing SIP service providers for inbound and outbound calls. 6 months later a second Zycoo IPPBX was deployed at Webstars Romanian office allowing both offices to operate as a single virtual office.

Jez John, managing director of Webstars commented “Downtime since moving to ZYCOO from a Unix based asterisk phone server has decreased from incidents every month or so to virtually never, engineer time has similarly decreased. Our ZYCOO IPPBX has been a huge success and we would never go back!”