Zycoo Certified IP Telephony Associate

This certification verifies that someone has a working knowledge in the design and implementation of simple VoIP solutions by using Zycoo products.

Suggested Duration   
2 Day (12hrs)

The objective of this certification is to determine the competency of a person to familiarize themselves with Zycoo products; they should be able to install and configure extensions, dial plans and the basic features of Zycoo IP PBX Products.
Target Audience

Technical Personnel of a Company, IT Managers, Network administrators, Engineers and VoIP solution providers and Integrators.
Course Prerequisites

Participant should have a good understanding about TCP/IP, Network Administration and Management. 




Day 1


Introduction to Telecommunications Networking Concepts (40 min)
Session one covers the basic concepts of IP Telephony and networking including:
  • Zycoo, Asterisk and the benefits of using VoIP
  • VoIP Protocols
  • Codec’s, Media Coding, Signaling and RTP


Introduction to the Zycoo Product Range (90 min)
In session two, attendees will be given an overview of the current Zycoo product range 


IP Telephony design principles (90 min)
Session three focuses on design and deployment scenarios for IPPBX solutions and will cover real world deployment examples.

Physical Installation of Zycoo equipment (35 min)
In session four, attendees will have the opportunity to learn how to install some of the optional components into the Zycoo IPPBX. The session will demonstrate how to add GSM modules, SIM cards, Echo cancellation modules, FXS and FXO modules.

Getting Started with your Zycoo IPPBX (15 min)
Session five will focus on the initial configuration of the Zycoo IPPBX and will introduce attendees to the Zycoo Web GUI.
This concludes day 1


Day 2


Configuring the Zycoo IPPBX to make and receive calls (45 min)
In session six, attendees will learn the concepts of making and receiving calls through the IPPBX and the session will cover creating inbound and outbound route, registering an extension and will also introduce attendees to the operator panel.
Basic Call Center Configuration (45 min)
Session seven covers the basic setup and configuration of the IPPBX’s Call Centre related features, including IVR’s
Advanced Call Center Configuration (60 min)
Session eight takes a more detailed look at some of the advanced Call Centre features available through the Zycoo IPPBX

Configuring Network Settings (15min)
In session nine, attendee’s will be given a brief overview of the comprehensive network related features available to them, including, VPN client and Server, DHCP Server and support for DDNS.

Configuring System Settings (75 min)
Zycoo IPPBX has a host of features relating to configuring and managing the system and these will be covered during session ten. Attendees will learn how to configure time settings and back up the Zycoo IPPBX.

Security and operating system upgrade (20 min)
The main focus of session 11 is to cover the important subject of how best to secure your IPPBX device and attendees will learn best practices in providing a secure platform to their customers.

Reports (10 min)
Session 12 focuses on the products extensive reporting capabilities (Call list/
Record list/ System Logs)

Practical Lab and Question&Answers (60 min)
Session 13 concludes the training course and attendees will undertake a simple simulation of a real world scenario. Finally there will be an opportunity for questions and answers.