Zycoo Certified IP Telephony Engineer

This certification signifies that you are an expert in all topics related to Zycoo products. ZCIE are experts in the design, implementation, optimization and maintenance of IP Telephony/VoIP solution.

Suggested Duration   
2 Day (8hrs)

The objective of this certification is to determine the competency of a person regarding the advanced knowledge and skills to design IP telephony Implementations. 
Target Audience

Zycoo Certified IP Telephony Associate
Zycoo Certified Sales Profession
Course Prerequisites

Participant should have successfully passed the ZCIA.



Review ZCIA course (30 min)
  • Zycoo products
  • Quick Review Admin Menu
  • Main Features of the Zycoo

Getting Started (60min)
  • Create Trunks (VoIP/GSM Trunk) (30min)
    Peer and Registration
    VoIP trunk to Service Provider
    Example for Register Two Zycoo PBX via VoIP Trunk
  • Extensions (30min)
    Create Batch Add Users

    Mobility extension
    Pickup group
    Codec Allowed and Disallowed
    Permit IP
    Allow being spied 

Advanced features of Zycoo IP PBX (90 min)
  • Setup Fax in ZYCOO IP PBX 
  • Inbound Route 
  • IVR & IVR prompt 
  • Global Analog Setting/Global SIP Setting
  • DISA
  • Call records and limitation of each device
  • Phone provisioning
    Setup Zycoo DHCP Server
    Setup Zycoo IP phone Auto provisioning

Advanced specialized call center facilities (90 min)   
  • 3G network setup
  • Static Routing/routing table 
  • VPN server and Client
    Create L2tp VPN Server
    Configure PPTP VPN Server
    Setup OPENVPN Server
    Create Certificate
    Download Client OpenVPN
    Setup VPN Client
  • DDNS service Setup 
  • SNMP Setting
    Setup Read and Write SNMP and show how it work on Network BrowserSoftware
  • TR069 Setup 
  • Time Based Rules