Zycoo Certified Sales Professional

This certification signifies that you have the necessary knowledge in Zycoo products and have the skills to explain and discuss the features, capabilities and functions of each Zycoo Products to a possible client.

Suggested Duration   
2 Day (12hrs)

The objective of this conference is to introduce Zycoo IP Telephony Product features and benefits. The conference will provide participants with knowledge and useful information about Zycoo products and how these products can meet the participant communications needs.
Target Audience

Technical and Non-Technical Personnel who are engaged in selling technology products, such as IP telephony products and networking products:
•    Sales person
•    Resellers
•    Distributors
•    Product partners
Course Prerequisites



Day 1

Session1... Introduction to Sales (25 min)

Zycoo Company Overview (15 min)
  • Introduction to Zycoo and our mission and vision

Overview to VoIP and introduction to Zycoo Product Range (230 min)
  • Introduction to VoIP (15 min)
    Brief overview of Voice over Internet Protocol
  • Zycoo IP Phone System Advantages Compared to Other Analog and IP Brands (35 min)
    Introduction to the benefits that can be derived from deploying Zycoo IP Phone systems when compared to other systems.
  • Zycoo Phone System Facilities(90 min)
    Overview of the features and capabilities inherent with Zycoo Phone Systems
  • Introduction to the Zycooproduct range (Hardware features, capabilities and Facilities) (90 min)
    Introducing the Zycoo product range including a detailed description of optional modules.

Day 2


Deployment solutions, strategies and scenarios(180 min)
  • Optimize Telecommunications of Small Office with Zycoo Products
    Overview of how best to optimizedeployment of Zycoo products including enabling wireless connectivity, reducing wiring requirements and deployment of softphones.
  • Using Zycoo alongside Traditional Call Center
  • Transmission Phone Lines to Other Place
  • Multi-Branch Communication Center
    Overview of deployment scenarios for Zycoo Products in multi-branch scenarios, using features such as VPN and video calls.
  • Using Zycoo PBX as a Gateway
  • Hot standby to avoid any failure of the system
  • Reduce the costoftelephonecalls throughZycoo
    Describes how to reduce your overall telephone call costs through techniques such as intelligent routing.

Setup and Install Zycoo Phone system (60 min)
  • Physical Installation
    To benefit from the support and warranty features, the device must be installed by qualified and approved personnel by Zycoo Company.        
  • Upgrade System Firmware
  • System Basic Setup 
  • ZycooSecurity 
Session6 Question and Answer (30 min)