Customer Success | Mining management supported by ZYCOO

With the rapid development of information technology, many industries have applied Ethernet data networks to realize the dispatching management. However, most of them are realized by dividing broadcasting, intercom and telephone into independent systems. Unified management of the three systems cannot be achieved. The phenomenon of "information islands" exists — various management systems cannot achieve linkage, which makes it difficult to share information resources in time. 

As a highly specialized and specialized industry — mining, with complex processing and environments, and the workplace is constantly moving and changing. How to use information technology to efficiently manage and hierarchical operation and maintenance management could be in a bind.

ZYCOO provided an IP telephone paging system for mine resources management in Jiuquan, Gansu. This solution is a part of ZYCOO IP Audio Solution, which is an all-in-one IP audio communication system primarily based on SIP, streaming media and MQTT IoT technologies. It provides audio converged communication functions including broadcasting, intercom, and telephone.

Dispatch users can simply dial a code from the dispatch IP phone to start/stop the dial number triggered paging. The text can be converted into speech,  and the content of the call can be recorded. In addition to this, IP Audio Dispatch App can be used for background music, pre-recorded message paging, emergency broadcasting, and the network speakers' status monitoring when the dispatch user is out of office. 

↓↓↓Handle emergency incidents in the process of mine production control, technical support, and logistics support.