Let's Check Out the Latest IP Audio Solution Brochure

The updated brochure includes the SQ10 Series Network Square Speaker and IAS-L100 IP Audio Server information.


SQ10 Series Network Square Speaker has a total of eight models, which can be selected according to different application scenarios. The LED flashers located on the top surface of the speaker can be used to alert room occupants of an incoming audio message or emergency notices. With the built-in HD camera and built-in microphone, the operators can detect the indoor environment and delivery two-way communication at any time, anywhere. The LED displays time and eliminated the need for a separate clock system, perfect to use in scenarios like classrooms, libraries, offices. Plus, it provides both surface-mounted and flush-mounted enclosures to choose from regarding different application scenarios.


IAS-L100 is a hardware server that installed the ZYCOO IP Audio Center system, providing the user the out-of-the-box feature to be ready to use. It can be used with ZYCOO speakers, intercoms, paging gateways, and other equipment to realize IP audio endpoints auto-provisioning and centralized management, mass notifications, background music, audio & video intercom, emergency broadcasting, audio conferencing, IP phone calling more features. In addition, with the support of SIP protocol, it supports third-party SIP-enabled endpoints and SIP system integrations. 

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