Senior Care IP Communication Solution

To improve the efficiencies and quality of care provided by the senior care/nursing agency, a full-featured and reliable IP communication system is a must. ZYCOO CooCenter series S10 provides all telephony and call center features that maybe needed and also the API for being able to be integrated with the senior care/nursing system.
Inpatient calling can be as easy as press-to-talk, the nurse station PC monitor can have call popup to indicate which patient needs help, the agent nurse can handle these calls with tickets to be created and submitted to the senior care systems, and timely medical services can be provided. 
With the built-in CRM, the inbound calls of the patient family members to the agency or to the patient can be handled accurately and efficiently.



1.All-in-one Solution
The CooCenter series call center systems are all-in-one solution with full featured IP PBX system and full featured call center system in one box. It provides all internal callings features that the care takers and other staff may needed for efficient daily communications, and also provides inbound calling control for consulting and appointments. 

2.Feature Rich
Built-in CRM support, built-in recording system, WebRTC support, call popup support, video call support, ticket system support, multi-level IVR, call queue and more. These features are all ready to use out of the box without any extra licenses required, and will greatly improve the caller experience and call handling efficiency.