Hotel IP Telephony Solution

Telephone systems are essential to the hotels just like the PMS systems. And it’s a considerable investment for the hotels. To save the cost, ZYCOO provided the CooVox series IP PBX system with EX16S expansion box solution for upgrading the legacy PBX system to IP PBX system and keep all the legacy phones.


1. Cost-saving and Investment Protection
Keep all existing legacy phones and PSTN lines. Cut the expense of upgrading the legacy PBX system to IP PBX system. All features are ready to use out the box, no extra license fees required.
2.Support Various PMS System Integration
By using char pmslink, the CooVox series IP PBX can be integrated with more than 100 PMS systems in the market. With the IP PBX and PMS system integration, hotels features check in, check out, wakeup calls, billing, outbound call control, Do Not Disturb and more features are all available.
3. Easy Management and Expansion
The CooVox EX16S expansion box can be auto configured by the CooVox series IP PBX system, users can manage the whole infrastructure by using a single Web interface. And to expand the phone system is as easy as adding some new IP phones using existing IP network.