M100 Dispatch Microphone Console

Versatile SIP console supporting serverless mode

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The M100 Dispatch Microphone Console is a versatile and high-performance SIP-enabled device for seamless communication. It features 30 programmable fast keys that can be used for paging, intercom, music playback, outbound phone calls, and emergency alarm activation. It serves as a standalone serverless console for individual and group paging, internal calls, and more.

Server-less Pagin

Two-way Communication

Music Playback

Pre-recorded Announcements

Standard SIP Integration

PoE Support

Peripheral Devices

Phone Calls

Versatile Functionality of M100
Item M100
Power Input DC 12V 1A or PoE IEEE 802.3af/at
Weight 1.2kg
Dimension 210*190*46mm
Operating Temperature -20°C - 50°C ( -4°F - 122°F )
LCD Display
Size 4.3 inches
Resolution 480p*272p
Color 24-bit 8R8G
Speed Dial Key 10 physical buttons (support 10*3 programmable virtual buttons)
Page Up & Down Keys 1 + 1
Answer Button 1
Hang-up Button 1
Mute Button 1
Volume Adjustment Key 1 + 1
Reset Button 1
Audio Codecs G.722, G.711 A-law, G.711 U-law, Opus
Audio Streaming MP3 sampling rate 8-48KHz, bit rate 64-320kbps, mono or stereo