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In the bustling realm of the hospitality industry, effective communication is the linchpin of seamless operations. While Telephone and PMS systems have traditionally been the backbone of hotel communication, the integration of paging systems for emergency announcements and ambient music is now indispensable. ZYCOO Smart Solutions steps in with a comprehensive telephony and paging system solution, anchored by the cutting-edge CooVox series IP-PBX system.

For hotels equipped with legacy PBX systems, transitioning to modern communication infrastructure doesn't mean a complete overhaul. The CooVox series IP PBX, in tandem with the G-Series FXS gateways, facilitates an upgrade from the legacy PBX to the IP PBX system. This not only ensures cost efficiency by retaining all legacy phones but also streamlines the setup process. The auto-configuration feature of the G-Series gateway eliminates complexities, allowing users to effortlessly set up extensions via a singular Web interface.

Beyond telephony, our solution embraces the versatility of a paging system. SIP-enabled speakers can be effortlessly integrated with the CooVox PBX. The innovative Operator Panel empowers users to manage diverse features, from ambient background music and broad-scale broadcasting to emergency notifications and scheduled announcements.

A standout feature within the CooVox IP-PBX is the integrated free Billing module, designed with the hotel industry in mind. This feature allows hotels to efficiently monitor the call minutes of all phones in every room, providing a streamlined method to accurately charge guests for their phone usage. This not only ensures accurate and fair billing but also reduces the administrative burden on hotel staff, allowing them to focus on providing exemplary guest experiences.

Integration with char pmslink allows the CooVox series IP PBX to synchronize with over 100 PMS systems in the market. This integration unlocks hotel features like check-in, check-out, wakeup calls, billing, outbound call control, Do Not Disturb, and more, ensuring that the communication system is not just a tool but an integrated part of the hotel’s service offering.

In the realm of hospitality, where guest experience and operational efficiency are paramount, ZYCOO Smart Solution emerges as a catalyst for enhanced communication and management. By seamlessly integrating telephony, paging, and management systems, it not only ensures that hotels can uphold exemplary service standards but also navigates the complexities of internal operations with finesse.

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