Enhance Your Security with Advanced Surveillance Solutions.

Advanced Monitoring for Uncompromised Safety and Security

Secure with Zycoo

In an era where security is paramount, Zycoo's Security & Surveillance solutions offer an advanced layer of vigilance through state-of-the-art audio monitoring and alert systems. Our technology provides a comprehensive security framework that integrates seamlessly with existing surveillance infrastructure, enhancing overall safety and situational awareness.

Integration with Security Application

Zycoo's IP audio endpoints can effortlessly register on existing security systems, to enable live monitoring and instant alerts. In the event of an anomaly, the system autonomously triggers an audible alert, broadcasting through the speakers to ensure immediate awareness. This integration is pivotal for a robust security posture, providing the high-quality audio surveillance necessary for thorough monitoring and protection of facilities.

Sensor Integration Benefits

Integrating sensors with IP Audio solutions can enhance security and environmental monitoring to a whole new level of sophistication. By connecting to various sensors such as motion detectors or environmental monitors, Zycoo's systems can automate alerts and respond instantly to security breaches or significant environmental changes. This seamless integration simplifies the setup process and strengthens the overall security infrastructure, providing a proactive approach to safety and incident prevention.

'Eyes and Mouth' of Security

By leveraging Zycoo's IP audio endpoints in conjunction with ONVIF-compliant VMS platforms, your surveillance infrastructure will gain both "eyes" and "mouth" – the cameras providing visual surveillance, while Zycoo's audio capabilities act as a deterrent against criminal behaviors. This dynamic combination not only monitors but actively responds to potential threats, crafting a holistic security strategy.

ZYCOO endpoints now support ONVIF standard.
Embrace the ONVIF to enhance brand compatibility and interoperability.

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Enhanced Security

Zycoo's Security & Surveillance solutions deliver a robust combination of audio monitoring and intelligent threat detection, providing a vigilant security presence. With features like live alerts, emergency communication, and remote access, our system not only responds to incidents but also helps prevent them, ensuring a safer environment for your business.

Real-world Application

City Security

Jingdezhen Smart City

City Security

Philippines City Surveillance


Vietnam Outdoor Exhibition