Customer Success | IP Audio Solution Applied to City Surveillance Project in the Philippines


Congratulations on another IP Audio Solution launched in the Philippines for the city surveillance project.  

-The IP Audio Solution Center works as the engine of the whole solution, and on this project, it is deployed in the cloud server. The IP Audio Center has an integrated IP public address system, SIP voice/video intercom system, and the IPPBX system modules. 

-The IP Audio Dispatch Console is installed on the multiple city security offices' desktops. Dispatch users can monitor all devices' status, make paging, schedule paging tasks, broadcast background music, and much more through the Dispatch Console. 
The Dispatch Console is a multi-platform (Windows, macOS, and Linux) application and supports multiple dispatch user logins simultaneously in different locations with different groups' management authority.


-The SH30 Network Horn Speakers are installed along the streets, on corners, and around the entire city. Every speaker is registered and controlled throughout the IP audio center.

ZYCOO network speakers are complete high-quality audio systems in a single unit. They are perfect for live or scheduled voice messages for proactive security and to keep people safe.