Public Transport

Uneventful ridership for each passenger

A positive public transport experience is an uneventful one. Protecting all people's safety is the priority for public transportation providers, able to send on all information and notification immediately. ZYCOO Smart Solution helps ensure the safety and security of your people, passengers, and assets, and our technology provides valuable business intelligence for managing operations and increasing ridership.

Indoor Ceiling speakers are installed for indoor environments such as airport terminals, training station waiting rooms, or even within the cars for general announcements, music, and white noise. For loud and noisy environments, such as the railway platforms or airport grounds, Outdoor Loudspeakers allow for paging pre-recorded as well as general announcements.

Help points are also necessary for all public areas where one may get into trouble and have an accident. Outdoor intercoms can provide two-way communication such as emergency calls or information help between the security staff and the passengers. When intercom is connected with sound detector, it adds an extra dimension to active incident management by catching audible indicators of imminent threats. Detecting sounds or special words to active operations can better protect people's safety and provide an uneventful ride for everyone.