SOS Point

Your First Line of Assistance

From school playing fields and city parks to underground parking garages and motorways, emergencies can arise anywhere. In such critical moments, immediate assistance can make all the difference. Recognizing this, ZYCOO Smart Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of devices and technology designed to provide instant support through strategically placed SOS points.

Our safety intercom, housed in an IP66 Enclosure, is resilient and waterproof, making it ideal for any outdoor setting. Whether surface-mounted at bus stops and parking garages or integrated as part of a larger emergency help point system, this intercom facilitates vital two-way communication. Its versatility is further enhanced with peripheral integration capabilities, allowing it to connect with alarm flashers, sensors, and amplifiers. A simple press of a button can initiate calls to a predetermined extension, ensuring rapid response.

Beyond the traditional intercom setup, our paging gateway can also function as an SOS point. Compatible with a wide range of peripheral devices, it can be equipped with microphones, passive speakers, and press buttons to initiate calls, mirroring the functionality of standard intercoms. These methods, whether utilized independently or in tandem, provide reliable, straightforward interfaces for emergency communication, ensuring rapid response in critical moments, perfect for any customized projects.

The IP speaker, when connected with an alert button, not only facilitates a call to a destination number but also plays a pre-recorded message to alert nearby individuals. This dual-action functionality ensures that while help is on the way, immediate situational awareness is raised among people in the vicinity, potentially averting further crises.

Enhanced with the integration of sound detection sensors, our products can detect specific sounds, such as glass breaking or other indicators of emergency situations. Upon detection, the system automatically initiates a call to a predetermined extension, ensuring that help is summoned even when a button cannot be pressed. This proactive approach to emergency response ensures that assistance can be dispatched as swiftly as possible, even in scenarios where manual activation is not possible.

ZYCOO Smart Solutions enhances public and private spaces with reliable and immediate emergency communication. Through strategic SOS point placements and innovative technology, we ensure that swift assistance and proactive support are always available, safeguarding communities with a steadfast network of emergency communication.

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