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IP Audio Dispatch Console
ZYCOO's IP Audio Dispatch Console, available on Windows, MacOS, and Linux, empowers users with features like live SIP paging, scheduled broadcasts, and audio conference management. Additionally, it supports multiple logins, allowing independent operations across different paging zones, ideal for a distributed multi-site IP audio system.
IP Audio Dispatch APP
The IP Audio Dispatch App provides dispatch users a mobile alternative for iPhone and Android devices. This user-friendly app offers features like background music, pre-recorded message and live paging, emergency broadcasts, and IP audio endpoint monitoring. It's ideal for dispatch users on-the-move or when full PC-based functionalities aren't crucial.
IP-PBX Operator Panel
The Operator Panel, designed specifically for the CooVox T-series of IPPBX, integrates call control with public address functions. Users can effortlessly manage and transfer calls, handle emergency paging, daily announcements, and broadcast high-quality background music. It's an ideal solution for venues like hotels, offices, healthcare facilities, and more.
CooCall Softphone
The CooCall softphone app, tailored for the CooVox T-series, offers users a portable office phone experience. Acting as a virtual desk phone, it allows call answering, dialing, and transferring through the office's IPPBX. Its complimentary push notification ensures no missed calls. Compatible with both iOS and Android systems, it's a versatile office companion.
The Search Active Audio Device (SAAD) Tool, available on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, streamlines the deployment and upgrading of ZYCOO network devices for end users. By identifying online devices, exporting configurations, and enabling batch logins and upgrades, it significantly reduces setup time and enhances project efficiency.