ZYCOO partners with ALE China Co., Ltd to deliver IP PBX and SIP Deskphones

Facilitate Unified Communications with interoperable products from both companies.

Customer Success | ZYCOO IP Audio Solution Applied to Chengdu Metro

ZYCOO IP audio solution was used in all the 56 stations for this metro line 6, to offer excellent service to all passengers and manage all stations conveniently.

Customer Success | ZYCOO IP Audio Solution helps China Post Sorting Center

In this October, ZYCOO assisted a sorting center of China Post to provide a IP Audio Solution under the situation of original analog public address systems, improving the difficulty of sorting center management, and saving installation and maintenance costs.

Customer Success | Mining management supported by ZYCOO

ZYCOO supported mining management in Jiuquan, Gansu.

Customer Success | ZYCOO boosts wind power generation at the high altitude regions

Huaneng Yunlong Caojianliangzi Wind Farm is located in Yunlong County, Yunnan Province, with an altitude of 3200~3600 meters……

Your Legacy Analog Public Address Systems is Failing You

While many companies exclusively use analog public address systems for responding to emergencies and dispatch, it's an approach that can quickly drown security and emergency support teams with more crisis management than they can handle while failing to adequately reduce risk across their attach surface,especially in the current pandemic situation.

Event Review | ZYCOO at 2020 Xi‘an China Security Expo

ZYCOO Co., 2020 Xi‘an China Security Expo(Sep.22-Sep.24), Shanxi Province. We’ve committed to letting more people know the IP Audio Solution and the implementation of this solution will improve the emergency handling capabilities of a city, decision making, and many aspects concerning service to society.

Product Upgrade | CooVox C-Series - CooVox C1000,CooVox C2000 ,CooVox C4000.

Upgrade accomplished! We've upgraded our CooVox C-Series.

ZYCOO CooVox C-Series is a high-end, heavy-duty and cost-effective enterprise-grade hashtag#IPPBX system for the large enterprises. Three products have been released:CooVox C1000,CooVox C2000 and CooVox C4000.

Anti-epidemic Tips on COVID-19 | 3 ways that IP Audio Solutions can contribute to a robust city

Many System Integrators and clients  are no strangers to crisis management, but the global scale and continued uncertainty around COVID-19 is a first for us all.

Customer Success | ZYCOO SIP Paging Gateway X30 helps Macau Special Olympics reach its SIP Based PA System

In this August, the Macao Special Olympics (Yi Jin Service Center) used X30 to upgrade the old analog audio public address system, realizing the SIP Paging from IP Phone.