Customer Success | ZYCOO boosts wind power generation at the high altitude regions

China has become the country with the largest scale of wind power and the fastest growing photovoltaic power generation in the world. It is imperative to establish a sound emergency response mechanism. 

Huaneng Yunlong Caojianliangzi Wind Farm is located in Yunlong County, Yunnan Province, with an altitude of 3200~3600 meters. Aiming at the high humidity and complex and changeable plateau climate, ZYCOO provided IP Audio Solution for this project. All the products operate stably on the complex and changeable plateau, escorting the plateau wind power.

This solution is a unified communication system that integrates multiple functional modules such as broadcasting, audio and video intercom, and IP telephone systems. The solution can be deployed based on the existing networks, with simple installation (PoE), and can realize broadcasting, intercom, and scheduling through the easy-to-use graphical application (PC and mobile).

In order to meet the needs of the wind farm, the solution can be deployed remotely, remotely unified management, intercom for help, video linkage, and real-time monitoring of terminal status.

As the topology above shows IA03 Safety intercom is installed under the wind generator and linked with third-party monitoring, the dispatch users in the management office can deal with emergencies, preventing and reducing emergencies, and their damage to the greatest extent.

In addition to this, IP Audio Dispatch App can be used for background music, pre-recorded message paging, emergency broadcasting, and the network speakers' status monitoring when the dispatch user is out of office.

↓↓↓IA03 safety intercom is installed in each wind generator to realize video linkage with third-party surveillance cameras.