ZYCOO 2022 Roundup: Product Releases | Highlights of This Year

As the end of the year draws near, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and recognition in the past year. And we appreciate all the valuable suggestions that helped us improve. In 2023, we will continue to provide you with the sincerest service.

In 2022, ZYCOO released many new endpoint products, improvements with new features to our software platforms, and a new software product. In case you missed them, here is a roundup of our latest products. Let's have a review!


Roundup: Product Releases

1. SQ10 Series Network Square Speaker

SQ10 Network Square Speaker has a total of four models which can be selected according to different application scenarios. The LED flashers located on the top surface of the speaker can be used to alert room occupants of an incoming audio message or emergency notices. With the built-in HD camera and built-in microphone, the operators can detect the indoor environment and delivery two-way communication at anytime, anywhere. The LED displays time and eliminates the need for a separate clock system, perfect to use in scenarios like classrooms, libraries, and offices. Plus, it provides both surface mounted and flush-mounted enclosures to choose from regarding different application scenarios.

2. Ei Series Network Safety Intercom

Ei Series Safety Intercom is available in four models designed to address the needs and requirements of various applications and installation types. All models deliver full-duplex communication and secure access control for your VoIP system. Ideal for any setting such as commercial facilities, schools and universities, medical facilities, warehouses, and retail establishments. There are multiple ways of installing the Ei Safety intercom. It can be flush-mounted and installed alone on any style of cavities, or use an optional accessory of surface mount box is also available. You can use it on any model of Ei Series intercom to surface mount on the wall.

3. CooVox T-Series IP-PBX

CooVox T-Series is a unified communication system for SMB including CooVox T100, CooVox T100S, CooVox T100A4, CooVox T200, CooVox T600, a total of five models. Not only come with full PABX features like Caller ID, Auto Answer but also advanced features of IP PBX like Remote Extension, IVR, Call Recording, Conference Call etc. CooVox T-series adapts small and medium business under 600 extensions. By attaching with EX16S FXS expansion box, CooVox T-series can build a hybrid telephony network easily with no configuration required. Meanwhile, CooVox T-series provides flexible options for different trunks you may subscribe from any Telco, PSTN CO lines, GSM trunks, SIP trunks (VoIP).

4. SL30 Network Column Speaker

SL30 is a high-performance SIP-enabled column speaker for SIP paging, notification broadcasting, and streamed high-definition music playback. SL30 has high sensitivity and capacity, providing clear and rich saturation, whether SIP-based propaganda broadcasting or background music playing. SL30 also supports dry contact signal output and switch signal input for various sensors integration. Meanwhile, the support of PoE+ makes installation much easier and more effort-less.

5. Search Active Audio Device Tool (SAAD Tool)

Search Active Audio Device Tool is a software that can realize the functions of searching and displaying online ZYCOO network devices, exporting devices’ configuration, batch login, batch upgrade, centralized configuration etc.


The above are some creations worth sharing with you in 2022.

Let us look ahead to 2023. Exploring opportunities! Discovering the future! We are looking forward to more cooperation with you.

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