The Brand New T-Series IP-PBX V4.0.3 Firmware Released!

Zycoo, a leading provider of unified communication solutions, has recently released a new firmware version V4.0.3 for its T-Series IP-PBX. The latest firmware is available for download from the Zycoo website, and includes a number of new features and improvements that are designed to enhance the performance and functionality of the T-Series IP-PBX.

V4.0.3 Optimization:

  • Adjusted the default wake-up service voice prompt to play the system waiting music by default.
  • Added an ON/OFF switch for extension configuration of Softphone App registration.
  • Added a refresh button for extension status.
  • Added the SIP trunk configuration function to the Quick Setup Wizard.

V4.0.3 Fixed issues:

  • Fixed the issue where the GSM module had no sound and no incoming call display.
  • Fixed the issue where the static queue member sorting was reversed.
  • Fixed the issue where the FXO channel might produce noise.
  • Fixed the issue with the system's default ringtone time setting not working.

About T-Series IP-PBX

Zycoo IPPBX is an advanced IP telephony system that provides businesses and organizations with a complete solution for their communication needs. After 13 years of product innovation, CooVox T-Series was released in 2022, and this unified communication system includes five products, T100, T100-S, T100-A4, T200, and T600.

T100, T-100S and T100-A4 are easy-to-configure and delicate diminutive IPPBX systems for small and medium-sized enterprises. T200 is an easy-to-configure and delicate moderate-sized IPPBX system specially designed for SMEs. T600 is a professional-grade IPPBX system designed for medium and large enterprises for higher performance and stability.