Zycoo IP Audio Endpoints verification with Acroista BellCommander

Chengdu, China - Zycoo Co., Ltd, a leading provider of IP communication and audio solutions, is thrilled to announce the verification of its IP Audio Endpoint by Acroista BellCommander. The verification means that clients can now use BellCommander to send multicast paging, multicast MP3 music playback, and SIP calls to the Zycoo IP audio endpoints, which include IP speakers, IP intercoms, and IP gateways.

"We are excited to announce the verification of our IP Audio Endpoint by Acroista Software, which will provide our clients with a powerful and comprehensive audio communication platform," said Emily Luo, product manager of Zycoo Co., Ltd. "With the integration of BellCommander, our clients can now easily manage their IP audio endpoints and efficiently communicate with their staffs, students, and visitors."

BellCommander is a comprehensive audio control and scheduling system that enables organizations to send live or pre-recorded audio messages to specific zones or all zones simultaneously. The system can also play music and chimes, and schedule automatic announcements based on specific dates and times, play lockdown and other alert messages. It is the perfect software for school bell schedule with the ability to manage small schools to major district-wide implementations with separate users and schedules per school.

Zycoo's IP Audio Endpoint solution is a cost-effective and flexible way to deliver high-quality audio to any location in a building or campus. The endpoints can be easily installed and configured, and they support a wide range of audio codecs, including G.711, G.722, and Opus.

"We are pleased to partner with Zycoo Co., Ltd and offer our clients the ability to integrate with their IP Audio Endpoint solution," said Danny Weidig, President and Founder of Acroista Software. "The combination of BellCommander and Zycoo provides a powerful audio communication platform that can enhance the productivity and safety of any organization."

For more information about Zycoo's IP Audio Endpoint solution and its integration with BellCommander, please visit Zycoo Co., Ltd's website.

About Zycoo Co., Ltd:

Zycoo Co., Ltd is a leading provider of IP communication and audio solutions that help businesses of all sizes to streamline their communication processes and improve their productivity. With over 13 years of experience, Zycoo Co., Ltd has established itself as a trusted partner for businesses worldwide.

About Acroista Software:

Acroista Software is a leading provider of audio control and scheduling software for enterprise, education, healthcare, and government organizations. Founded in 2000, the company has been serving clients worldwide with its innovative and reliable audio communication solutions with thousands of clients in the U.S, Australia, and other countries.