Customer Success | Zycoo UC & PA Solution Applied to Iraq Beverage Factory


Reliable communication strategy and public address system are very crucial factors in promoting operation efficiency for large-scale business organizations. The beverage factory in Iraq is seeking ways to optimize the communication and public address system.

This beverage factory faced some challenges. For one thing, the existing communication system was unstable, with frequent outages and quality issues, resulting in difficulties in internal collaboration and customer communication. For another, the public address system needs to be upgraded to meet the needs of daily announcements and emergency broadcasting.


Based on a comprehensive demand analysis, the Zycoo expert team assisted our Iraq partner in tailoring IP Audio and UC solutions for their beverage factory to meet specific needs.

In terms of the results of the analysis, Zycoo identified the following key objectives:

  • Efficient and stable communication: A reliable and efficient communication system enables the factory management department to conduct voice or video calls conveniently, facilitating collaboration and implementation of decisions.
  • Unified public address system: A flexible and unified public address system meets the daily notification and emergency broadcasting needs, ensuring that important information can be conveyed to all staff accurately and timely.


Zycoo has provided a unified communication and public address solution for the beverage factory, which is based on the IP Audio Solution, an all-in-one communication system that uses SIP protocol, streaming media, and MQTT IoT technologies.

This solution is tailored to meet the specific requirements of this factory, incorporating hardware and software to achieve reliable communication and centralized management. 

  1. Deploy the IP telephone system and IP Audio Center system in the central machine room, and the two systems are relatively independent and work in parallel.
  2. The IP phones are installed in the office rooms that cover voice calls, video calls, and conference functions to meet comprehensive communication needs.
  3. Install the SH30 Network Horn Speakers in the outdoor and open spaces for public notifications and safety purposes.
  4. The IP telephones and the public address speakers are registered with two sets of servers in the machine room through the local area network.
  5. Deploy the M100 SIP Microphone Console in the management center for communication tasks like notification, broadcasting, paging, intercom, telephone calls, conference management, and emergency alarm activation. Operators can manage on the PC to achieve management operations.
  6. Install the multi-platform IP Audio Dispatch Console on management desktops or mobile phones. Operators can monitor all endpoints’ status, trigger paging tasks, and much more. It supports multiple dispatch user logins simultaneously in different locations with different groups' management authority.

Zycoo provides a unified communication and public address solution for the beverage factory. The telephone system and public address system can collaborate in redundancy to ensure cross-system operation of communication equipment, ensuring stable communication and excellent voice quality, and providing reliable communication infrastructure for the beverage factory.