Customer Success | Zycoo UC Solution Applied to Smart Energy Technology


SPIC (State Power Investment Corp) Integrated Smart Energy Technology is a subsidiary of SPIC, a state-owned enterprise directly managed by the central government that shoulders the mission of ensuring national energy security.

As a secondary unit directly managed by the State Power Investment Group, it operates integrated with the State Power Investment Group's Comprehensive Smart Energy Industry Innovation Center. 


In recent years, this organization has developed rapidly, with a significant increase in staff counts and increased demand for internal telephony communication. The original telephone system can no longer meet its communication needs. It is necessary to deploy an advanced and efficient telephone system.

Based on the realities of the organization, the key objectives are identified by Zycoo:

  • Telephone system to enable networking with the group headquarters
  • Centralized management to realize the interconnection of extensions
  • Advanced communication functions to improve internal collaboration and efficiency
  • Scalability to meet the expansion needs of subsequent extensions


After the analysis of the objectives and considering its working environment, the Zycoo team designed and customized a unified IP communication solution for this organization.

  1. Install Zycoo U1000 IPPBX in the center machine room and set up hot standby. Connect to the enterprise network to ensure system stability, redundancy, and disaster recovery.
  2. External digital trunks are accessed through the PRI gateway, and SIP trunks are interconnected with IPPBX servers.
  3. Deploy the IP phones on office desks in the institute building and register to the IPPBX through the internal network.


  • Streamlined communication

It is essential to prioritize establishing clear communication channels among the organization. Zycoo’s IP telephone system ensures everyone is on the same page regarding pertinent information. It also builds stronger relationships beyond just creating an efficient workflow.

  • Increased operational efficiency

Zycoo’s solution significantly reduces the time spent on routine operational tasks, allowing staff to focus on strategic activities that drive growth and efficiency. This solution optimized operations to minimize costs while maintaining high service levels of the organization.

  • Easy setup and effortless management

Zycoo’s solution features centralized management and a user-friendly GUI. Even though this is the first time that stuff has ever used IPPBX, the whole experience has been smooth and easy. The setup does not require any additional training, and the graphical user interface empowers system admins to have all-around management of all branch office extensions.