Customer Success | ZYCOO Unified Communication Project Launched in Henan


A communication network is one of the most vital pieces of infrastructure for any educational institution. Teachers, administration, and students rely on this network to stay informed and productive. A school’s wide range of users makes the network more complex when compared to others. It’s important to create an optimized call strategy prior to deploying a unified communications solution to ensure that the communication process is easy and streamlined for everyone involved.

This Middle school in Henan was founded in 1953, as one of the ten earliest key high schools in the local area. It has a variety of school-running systems including boarding, day school, and combination. The school currently has four campuses, covering an area of 200+ acres, with a construction area of more than 60,000 square meters, 110+ teaching classes, and nearly 500 faculty and staff.


The school needs to upgrade its infrastructure and improve its educational conditions to create a better learning environment for students. Teachers thrive on their ability to engage with students and help them achieve their goals.

Provided the development of the school in recent years, the original legacy telephone system is difficult to meet the current communication needs. The maintenance and management of the old system have become difficult. Based on the above considerations, the administrators of the school have decided to update its telephone system to address its communication and management issues.


Based on the rich experience on school projects and the analysis of the objectives and considering its working environment, ZYCOO provides a tailored unified communication system for this school.

This tailored solution incorporates hardware and software to achieve reliable communication, collaboration, and centralized management. The installations feature ZYCOO IPPBX, VoIP gateway, and centralized management platforms.

Install ZYCOO U1000 IPPBX in the school center machine room and set up hot standby. Connect to the campus network to ensure system stability, redundancy, and disaster recovery.

Apply ZYCOO G-116 VoIP FXO Gateway and connect to the network, interconnecting to the IPPBX server, and accessing the PSTN external digital trunks.

Deploy ZYCOO G232 VoIP FXS Gateways and connect to the network, interconnecting to the IPPBX server and the analog phone lines.

Install analog phones and lines on campus in administrative offices, classrooms, dormitory buildings, art, science, catering, and comprehensive venues on demand, and connect to the FXS VoIP gateway to achieve internal communication.


  • Easy deployment and centralized management

ZYCOO IPPBX system provides a unified communication platform to transmit voice through the network, reducing wiring costs between campus buildings. Web-based configuration, centralized management, easy operation and maintenance, and batch deployment are also available. It reduces management and maintenance costs greatly.

  • Efficient communication and improved efficiency

Extensions within the campus and between buildings can make direct calls to each other for free. It reduces communication costs greatly. The system supports remote management, system logs, conference calls, call transfer, call recording, IVR, and other useful functions, which improves the efficiency of communication and collaboration within the faculties.

The solution keeps the school secure, connected, and efficient with optimized workflows. ZYCOO is proud to see that its innovations are set to upgrade the communication infrastructure for educational institutions.