New Release! Meet the Newest Member of ZYCOO Family - SH10 Network Horn Speaker

ZYCOO, a leading company in designing, developing, and manufacturing innovative IP Audio Solutions, is thrilled to announce the new release and availability of its exceptional SIP-Enabled Speaker lineup - SH10 Network Horn Speaker! Featuring a refreshed aesthetic look and designed to meet the evolving needs of modern audio broadcasting, SH10 brings powerful audio performance and innovative features to upgrade the business sound system.

Coming with a built-in microphone, IP65 protection rating, and easy integration, this speaker also supports working with peripheral devices like sensors, buttons, and alarm lights to unlock more functions.

Engineered by advanced audio technology, the SH10 delivers exceptional sound quality, ensuring crystal-clear and intelligible audio performance in outdoor open spaces and noisy environments. It brings a clear voice for SIP paging, notifications, tone broadcasting, and background music streaming. In addition, SH10 features a built-in microphone that allows for two-way communication when used with an external button, and it also supports dry contact output.

Click to download: SH10 Network Horn Speaker datasheet

With the launch of the SH10 Network Horn Speaker, ZYCOO reinforces its commitment to delivering innovative products and solutions. Looking forward to partnering with you to enhance your audio communication needs.