Customer Success | Zycoo IP Audio Solution Applied to UOB Bank Plaza in Singapore



UOB is rated as one of the world's top banks with a global network of 500 branches and offices across 19 countries in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America.

UOB Plaza One is 280 metres (920 ft) high with 66 storeys above ground.It is located at Raffles Place, Singapore's Central Business District (CBD), along the Singapore River. It is now the second tallest since the completion of Tanjong Pagar Centre (Guoco Tower) in 2016.

Project Challenge

“In such a large area, there are scenes such as bank halls, floor offices, computer rooms, security control centers, corridors and underground passages etc. And visitors in UOB plaza include staff and external visitors. How to provide a unified emergency notification announcements with fast-execution for such a large financial complex can be a very challenging problem.”

UOB Bank Building was built in 1992 and has a history of 32 years. The facilities in the building are relatively old, the wiring is complicated, and the public broadcasting system used is still analog broadcasting. With the renewal of the construction of Singapore's CBD area, the UOB Building broadcasting system needs to be upgraded.

Solution Introduction

It is necessary to ensure the unified response of audio playback in each area and compatibility with the security system to ensure perfect coverage of each scene. Achieve unified management and centralized control of all regional broadcasts and effectively monitor the security status of the UOB Building.And ZYCOO achieved that.

ZYCOO Video Intercom Covers Computer Office for Safety

UOB Bank's computer office stores a large number of servers and important files. Any fire hazard and illegal intrusion will be a huge blow to management personnel. In order to achieve flexible access and timely communication for bank staff, emergency notification and command when facing major safety hazards.ZYCOO has the advantages of compatibility of the SIP standard protocol, integrating the access control system and the emergency notification intercom system.Enhance smooth employee access, providing double protection to ensure the safety of UOB bank's computer room.

ZYCOO Video Intercom Intercom Covers Elevator for Emergency

UOB Bank also pays attention to the construction of elevator emergency communication system. The emergency call system built into the elevator always fails to make calls, and the security center cannot be contacted in time. ZYCOO deployed an intercom model with a built-in camera in the elevator for the customer. Once people are trapped, they can press the one-touch call button, and the security control center can handle the situation in the elevator through the camera and conduct video intercom. At the same time, only one network cable is needed to complete the installation, and the online status of the intercom can also be displayed in real time, so there will be no situation where the communication is disconnected but the staff is unaware.


ZYCOO video intercom solves a major problem of emergency communication in elevators. All enclosed elevators should use this system.”

SC15 Ceiling Speaker Covers Hallways for Live Announcement

UOB Building also deployed a lot of ZYCOO ceiling speakers, which can quickly broadcast emergency notifications. At the same time, when security personnel patrol and find fires or violent conflicts, they can immediately take out their mobile phones to page to the speakers in all areas to quickly evacuate the crowd.

“The execution is so fast and simple, ensuring that notifications in emergency situations can be transmitted to everyone in all areas of the building.”

SC15 Ceiling Speaker Covers Security Center for Alarming

In a building as large as UOB, it is very necessary for the control center to receive alarm messages and respond quickly. ZYCOO's ceiling speakers deployed in the UOB control center are linked to the one-button alarm device. With just a light press, the ceiling speakers above the heads of security personnel in the control room will sound an alarm. This reduces the occurrence of missed alarm calls and ensures that the alarm can reach the security personnel quickly.

Other Scenes like Underground Tunnel

The unified emergency broadcasting solution provided by ZYCOO is applied in every corner of the UOB Bank Building, providing accurate notification coverage. We provide network installation and technical support, covering everything from security, access control, surveillance system linkage, audio-visual and emergency notification.

"The system can be upgraded seamlessly, you will not want to throw away any product.And we can still proudly say that our system will not be outdated after 30 years." This is one of the biggest advantage of using ZYCOO's full solution.