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To ensure Zycoo customers always received a fast and professional local service with technical support from Zycoo and its authorized distributors, Zycoo strongly recommends that customers purchase products only through authorized sources. If a Zycoo product is purchased from an unauthorized source, it will not be recognized or serviced under Zycoo warranty policy.

CyberData Products Are Fully Compatible With Zycoo CooVox V2 SIP Servers

CyberData Corporation and Zycoo Co., Ltd. announce the full range of CyberData SIP Endpoints, including Video Intercom, Keypad Intercom, Speaker, Paging Server, Paging Adapter, Paging Amplifier and RBG Strobe are tested approved comprehensively compatible with Zycoo CooVox V2 IP PBX (SIP Server), models including: CooVox-U20 V2, CooVox-U50 V2, CooVox-U60 V2, CooVox-U80 and CooVox-U100 V2. This announcement will ensure customers and users have an official reference to purchase, deploy such IP Telephony, SIP